I am taking a Facebook Vacation

I am taking a bit of a vacation from Facebook — mostly because I find the social media is starting to become a bit distracting. It is not that I don’t like connecting to the people, but I am finding it hard to support a service that I am starting to see as empathy-challenged. 

Looking through a wider lens, I am starting to find a subtle change happening in myself. Despite my best efforts, I am starting to see my life in context of life led by others. It is not how I think and who I am, and perhaps a little time off the networks will give me better perspective. The sad part is that I have outsourced my birthday calendar to Facebook and as a result have totally forgotten everyone’s birthdays. So if I miss yours, forgive me and I wish you a great birthday.

In the interim, if you wish to keep up with me – visit my blog where I will post occasional personal updates, along with sharing some of my photos, new podcasts and obviously opinions & ideas around new technology. The WordPress app and SmugMug automatically post links to Facebook and Twitter, so you will always get an alert. My Instagram photos too will flow into your stream, as will the articles from Pi.co.

But the best way to know what’s happening with me, sign-up for my newsletter. And If you need to reach me, drop me a note — email or text message. I won’t be checking the Facebook Messages as well.

September 23, 2017, San Francisco.

A letter from Om

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