A few years ago, the very idea of internet access in an aluminum tube hurling at hundreds of miles an hour through the stratosphere, was jaw dropping. These days, the very same idea is jaw-clinching, instead. As the number of folks who have opted to stay connected increases, the in-air internet service providers have failed to meet the necessary bandwidth requirements. It is virtually impossible to do any real work — emails and basics web lookups — on the plane.

I usually use flying as my time to sleep and meditate, because deep down I know not to bother with GoGo or UnitedWiFi. I might as well light up a cigar with a $20 bill. Today, I needed to send an urgent email and download a google doc. Two hours and $8.99 later, it hasn’t happened. The irony isn’t lost on me: above the cloud, the cloud dies a slow, agonizing death.

The question is should FCC and FTC start looking into the in-air service providers and hold them to a basic service standard. Or should consumers band together and bring a massive lawsuit against companies like GOGO and penalize them for running CrapFi!

A letter from Om

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