From launch to IPO, Dropbox hasn’t changed much

This week Dropbox filed for an IPO, and it brought back a lot of memories.  In 2007, I first wrote about the company and I was mostly enthusiastic. Here is what I said:

While it seems that everyone wants to develop a better syncing or storage or sharing technology, the population at large doesn’t seem to care, and is happy carrying (and losing) their files on their USB sticks or emailing them to themselves. When I noted that to the two young cofounders, they agreed. Their success, they said, lies in the ability to change mainstream behavior, and they are confident that the relative ease of use of their offering will win the masses over. To that we say good luck. DropBox is pretty good.

It is good to see young founders realize their dreams and achieve what they set out to do. And yes, for over half-a-billion people, they changed their expectations of storage. I would say, job well done. For me, about a terabyte later, nothing has changed — I still use Dropbox just the way I did, though now I access it from my mobile devices. Next challenge for them: keep growing as a business.

A letter from Om

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