As I wrote earlier in the year, my goal for 2018 is that I want to learn how to express myself better on film. Long exposures are a form of expression for me, and it makes perfect sense that I would try and replicate some of my long exposure experiments on film. I want to get good enough and feel confident in what I am doing.
A few weeks ago, I decided to spend a day with a Mamiya 6 medium format camera and a 65mm lens. I used three rolls of FujiFilm Provia 100 film. Some of these photos were made early in the morning, while others at dusk. Film photography is not a cheap hobby — three rolls, developing, scanning and postage fees added up to a hefty $125 for three rolls, and about five good/usable images. But when looking at the images on a big giant screen — and later holding slides in my hand: that is pretty priceless. The less than perfect photos just make you realize that the process of capturing a photo is what matters.

March 3rd, 2018, San Francisco.

A letter from Om

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