The Past vs. The Future

Photo courtesy of Drew Graham vs Unsplash

Holding on the past is a convenient way to avoid science, technology, and the reality of the world. Future needs reinvention and rethinking. Industrial era dogmas are now in direct conflict with the digitally connected ideologies.

The dissonance between the old industry and the new digital reality is also cultural. We, the humans are now living at a speed of the network and not at the speed of humans, and perhaps that is why we feel powerless and angry. So we try and rationalize and find someone to blame. Facebook, for example.

Human-scale is in direct conflict with machines. The societal norms of yesterday are being challenged by new ideas. The inheritors of the future are challenging the gatekeepers of the old. The grandeur of the past is in direct conflict with the dystopian reality of tomorrow.

Some say that this is human civilization, but now we have networks metastasizing everything from opportunities to our fears and hatred. Software is eating everything, but network is devouring humanness.

Every day, every minute, every second — all you see is the past of this great nation in direct & armed conflict with its future. That is the simplest way to explain our current state of divisiveness! There is no room for moderation, debate, reason, and patience. Sad, really!

April 30, 2018, San Francisco

A letter from Om

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