Why we need sleep + 4 good reads

Do you remember what happened at the start of this week? Me neither! The news is flowing so fast these days, that you can’t really figure out what’s really happening. And that is why misinformation — aka the real fake news — surreptitiously gets embedded in our brains and we start believing that it might be true. The whole thing is becoming a bit of a confusing mess. And that’s the objective of the propagandists. Yet another accurate Orwellian prediction. Perhaps that is why I am sharing these articles today so that when you get a chance to read them, you feel you feel satisfied, at the very least.

  • Chinese tech is not an imitation of the US tech. It is a different beast. Logic
  • Forget cars, its cows which is causing the emission problems. Jokes aside, this study digs into the impact of industrial-scale dairy and meat production. It is an academic piece, but it is still worth reading. Grain.org
  • Now That’s What I Call Music: How one music compilation came to rule them all.BBC
  • Why we need good sleep and need it badly in these times of being in front of screens all the time. National Geographic
  • Whatever happened to Seymour Hersh, one of the most important journalists of the modern era.Prospect

PS: I am currently working on two pieces: What does the future hold for Facebook and the will Google Cloud finds its groove. If you have strong opinions or want to share thoughtful articles and blog posts about these topics, send them my way.


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