Silicon Valley Conglomerates? Really…Really?

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“A lot of Silicon Valley firms — Amazon, Google, Facebook — they really are conglomerates. And yet at some level you can see what the coherence is. Industrial conglomerates don’t have any advantage in applying its technology to a bunch of different industries. What’s different is the information technology gives you an advantage.” — Professor Jerry Davis, University of Michigan Ross School of Business in an interview with the Axios about the end of industrial conglomerates.

From my perspective they are BFCs. BFC stands for Big F***ing Company is appropriate description than a conglomerate. They have one core business which has tentacles. A conglomerate has many disparate businesses. Jokes aside we xan call these Big Data Corporations, a more appropriate and 21st century replacement for MNC aka Multi National Corporations.

Anyone wanna comment on good professor’s comments?

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