Here is what I am reading today

Here are some good early morning reads worth your time.

  • How is it that identical twins are getting many different results from five ancestry DNA test kits? The answer might be in the algorithms that church the data. And that, in a nutshell, is going to be the bias in the era of data and machines. This is a fascinating article.
  • Such an excellent idea — a device that can help you prevent Alexa and Google Home from continually listening to you all the time. Check out the Project Alias and the story in FastCompany. I am getting one!
  • SocialRecall is an app that connects names and faces using smartphone cameras, facial recognition and all the data that is out there. This presents an interesting dilemma. Today it might seem like a privacy nightmare, and tomorrow it could be a service augmenting our intelligence. Also, it won’t be long before Facebook copies it. Read more on the Scientific American.
  • is an anonymous app for the young-uns and is growing like mad because it is an app that allows people to learn about the world and more. Listen to the podcast or read on The Verge.
  • Why are Icelanders so creative? Interesting findings.

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