What to read this weekend

Photo by Clen Onojeghuo via Unslash https://unsplash.com/@clemono2

Here are five articles I read this week that I think are worth your time.

  1. Musk versus Bezos: The Battle of Space Billionaires. If you look beyond the headline, then you get a pretty good understanding of SpaceX and Blue Origin and how they are different. Scientific American has done an excellent job here. (Read)
  2. The Gordon Gekko of FYRE festival. These days everyone is talking about two different documentaries about the FYRE festival. Ben Carlson, in a remarkably astute blog post, observes that these attempts to rehabilitate Billy McFarland are going to create more bad behavior. Highly recommended. (Read)
  3. The creed of compromise: Don’t throw in the day job to follow your dream. Join the bifurcators who juggle work-for-pay and their work-for-love. I am in two minds about this article and fall in the camp of those who are likely to chuck it all. But then I don’t have a familial scaffolding. (Read)
  4. The French Burglar who pulled off this generation’s biggest art heist. Okay, that is not a headline or title that is imaginative, but it does the job. One of the most fun pieces you will read, and once again realize why The New Yorker is worth the price of the subscription. (Read)
  5. Zen and the art of hotel living. Glenn O’Brien has the right idea. There is something very old fashioned and grand about the very notion. And now if only I had the same resources and admittedly guts, I would check apartment living and move into a hotel. (Read)

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