[02.07.2019] The Daily Noted

  • 5.24 PM: The Battle of the Bulge took on a whole new meaning.
  • 8:17 AM: TechCrunch should hire my friend Julie Zerbo, who is an amazing investigative fashion writer and should be an exciting person to tackle the “direct to consumer” brand boom in a non-sycophant manner we so deeply need. #
  • 8:02 AM: Backblaze, an online backup company, does an analysis of its infrastructure (which is really big and awesome) and finds that in 2016 the average size of hard drives in use was 4.5 TB. By 2018 the average size had grown to 7.7 TB.” And at present, Seagate 10 TB drives in their infrastructure have the lowest failure rates.
  • 7:51 AM: Could it be Murphy’s Law? How is it that I have lost two left-ear AirPods in succession. Now I am stuck with two right-ear AirPods.
  • 6:55 AM: SmugMug should give its pro-level customers free Flickr Pro accounts as part of the annual fees. It is a better way for their customers to showcase their work on Flickr than elsewhere. Also, when is that single sign-on coming team? #
  • 6:45 AM: The Gucci Blackface episode makes me wonder if the network effects that were supposed to bring us together have only brought out the worst in us. Put it differently; the network only amplifies what is really inside us, just as money only exacerbates our true selves.
  • 4:30 AM: “Netflix auto-playing previews for every single show is one of the most pronounced user-hating experiences online in a while,“ says Megan Quinn, Spark Capital on Twitter. No wonder there is a DeathToAutoPlay movement in the works.

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