[02.08.2018] The Daily Noted

  • 05.38 PM: Jill Abramson is defending herself again charges of plagiarism. She is defiant and insistent that she didn’t do anything wrong, intentionally. She gave Vox an interview and when I read that and shook my head. This tweet from Hazma Shaban, asks the question I had: How is that “she says she did not intentionally steal people’s words, so it’s not plagiarism. That does not make sense.
  • 12.09 PM: “Turning free samples into new targeted ads plays to Amazon’s strength as a trusted delivery service of everyday goods.” Axios. If you are Google, you need to be very worried. And so do you Facebook!
  • 12.05 PM: “You don’t need a label to put out a record today, and you certainly don’t need a Grammy to enhance your career.Bob Lefsetz.

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