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“It doesn’t matter how many people hate your brand as long as enough people love it.” Phil Knight, Nike.


Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox: Lina Khan’s been reading my journal, or so it seems because I am in unison with her assertion that the anti-trust law “is unequipped to capture the architecture of market power in the modern economy. This Yale Law Journal treatise just might be the most brilliant piece you read today.

Fortnite is the future, but not for the reasons you think: It is great to finally see us elders discover what the kids already know and then add a layer of business savvy on top of that. I always enjoy Matthew Ball’s words, and this piece is no different.

Who’s killing the soul of Sneaker Culture? Sneaker madness has been a trend that falls right in my wagon wheel: social media, shoes, and creativity. Unfortunately, the culture has been overtaken by the profiteers and those who buy the kicks not for love, but for moolah. And yes, there is a thing called Sneaker Mom. Deadspin, dead-on! Great read.

The hospital is dead. Welcome to Ducktown: Tennessean visits Ducktown in its state and uncovers the sad demise of rural hospitals, in poor, far-flung towns. I was reading this story and I was reminded of those years when people in India’s rural areas couldn’t afford healthcare and had to travel to big towns to have a chance of a cure. How is it that the richest country in the world allow this to happen. One of the saddest stories about postmodern society.

Gruber’s 2018 Apple Report Card: After Steve Jobs’ passing, I argued that the biggest challenge for Apple would be that those who cover the company will not be as critical. Long time Apple watcher John Gruber isn’t afraid to pull any punches, though he is being far too generous when it comes to the iPhone. However, when you look at his grades for software quality, developer relations and retail, all you can say: oh!oh!

Why don’t we have a vaccine for Strep? About half a million people die of Strep every year and it is a public health catastrophe, crying out for a solution. A vaccine is an answer. Given I am feeling less than spectacular, coughing and wheezing my way through my days, it is hardly a surprise that I would include this article from Mosaic Science in my must reads.

Atlantic City is really going down this time: And the mob has nothing to do with it. Great read from Longreads.

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