5 Great Reads

  • The Parsi Sweet Tooth: If you don’t know about the Parsees, then you should learn more about them. They are a very unique people and part of the demographic quilt that is India. They do so many things well (so, perhaps it comes as no surprise that Queen’s Freddy Mercury came from a Parsi family). I particularly love their food. Whenever I went to Bombay, I would find myself eating their dishes. Especially the desserts.
  • Mystery Alaska: I love Alaska. Frankly, if I was a bit more handy with tools, I would spend more time in that beautiful, quirky state. It is also the place where scientists are trying to find traces of humanity.
  • What the hell do robots have to do with French philosopher René Descartes? Find out.
  • A daughter tells the story of her father’s death as it played out on the Internet. It brought tears to my eyes.
  • The modern world is a victim of a great lie: that standard clothing sizes exist. But how did this long con start?

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