Some Good Reads

  1. Summer is almost here. And soon, we will be wearing the Polo Shirt. Maybe it is time you learn about the history of the Polo Shirt. Right?
  2. Did IBM Watson overpromise and underdeliver on AI healthcare? IEEE Spectrum digs into what some of us always thought was really just one big marketing push — or as they say, all sizzle and no steak.
  3. 66 minutes to save Notre Dame. It is a news report, but it is a damn good one.
  4. The End of Empathy. NPR sometimes outdoes itself. Empathy, like civility and considered thinking, has become a victim of how networks have metastasized and accelerated our lives beyond belief.
  5. Dice Roll: The Phantom Gambler. Okay, this is just good writing.
  6. Why does Popovich — the NBA’s all-time winningest coach and the architect of a two-decades-long basketball dynasty — care so damn much about dinner? The answer may surprise you.

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