5 stories I recommend that are worth reading

  1. Three Mushers, one blizzard, and the world’s hardest dog sled race. No, this is not about Iditarod, but about the 1,000-mile long Yukon Quest. Great and fun read from Deadspin.
  2. Ofo-oh! China’s unicorns built up and ruined China’s bicycle manufacturing hub. The bust is impacting small businesses and upending individuals’ lives. This is good reporting from The New York Times on the downside of unicorn madness. It is chock full of surprising details — for example: “Last year, China minted a new unicorn roughly every four days.”
  3. How did wool lose its itch? Read on to find the answer.
  4. The wonderful history of The Bowery, a famous street and neighborhood in New York. I used to live around the corner from it, and now I can’t recognize it. I was so happy to read The Wild East.
  5. Here is a very sobering piece about how going hungry affects kids for most of their lives. Food poverty is not just a problem for poor countries.

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