What’s Wrong Apple & Microsoft

I am primarily a Mac household — I use my iMac Pro as a digital darkroom. I am not likely to give up my desktop (iMac Pro) anytime soon, and the reason is Photoshop. While I use Lightroom CC as my cloud library/repository — editing starts and ends with Photoshop. I have a streamlined, six step-process to edit my photos and I like the granularity of layers. I also love the flexibility of working with a cloud-library.

The iMac Pro is perfect for editing — it is fast and can handle six to eight layers I usually create for editing a photo. What does suck about the iMac is the mouse — and that is why I almost always default to Microsoft’s mice. In my opinion, Microsoft makes the best PC peripherals in business. They are so beautiful, ergonomic and just delightful to use. Their mice are well made and have a beautiful two (or more) button layout that allows one to program them entirely for the editing.


I was using the Sculpt Comfort Mouse, but for some odd reason, it started having issues with the iMac, which would crash the machine. Then I tried the bulkier, Microsoft Precision Mouse. And the same issues have plagued my iMac. The same problem occurs on my MacBook Pro as well — and it has been very recent — after the most current MacOS update. Honestly, I can’t tell where the problem is — on Apple’s software or with Microsoft’s hardware. In case of Sculpt, Microsoft’s hardware page says “limited functionality” with Mac OS 10.10, but says nothing about the latest release, 10.14. For Precision Mouse, there is even less information.

Either way, I hate the constant rebooting. But what I hate more is having to use the Apple mouse — which is so not right from the perspective of trying to edit a photo or two. Sigh!

A letter from Om

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