What’s Worth Reading

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  • The Permian Basin in Texas is booming again: What does this mean for the local economy? I absolutely love reading these boom-bust-boom-again stories, especially about oil and Texas.
  • In England, cricket is dying: England and Wales are hosting the World Cup of Cricket, but the sport — baseball’s elegant cousin — is losing its preeminence in the country of its origin. Who is to blame? The sport’s governing body and satellite TV operator Sky Sports.
  • 88-years old and still tending bar in a tux: Now, that’s a guy who knows what he wants.
  • The world is choking on digital pollution: There is nothing we can do about it, but you can read this very thought-provoking article.
  • What went wrong at J.Crew: Can it make a comeback? My bet: They are going to become roadkill in the brutal retail wars.
  • The rise of the bougie buggies: The Guardian looks into the Victorian roots of prams — the stroller’s elegant cousin (actually, they are synonyms) — and how they are becoming a status symbol. This is a fun read, especially for those of us who are blissfully single.
  • All-American Despair: There is a suicide epidemic in America, and middle-aged men are dying in record numbers.

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