7 Stories worth reading this weekend

When the world’s most famous mystery writer vanished: As a lifelong fan of Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot, I quite enjoyed this wonderful retelling of a story that turned her into the star of her own mystery.

The bean counters turned Boeing’s culture upside down: Are they responsible for the 737 MAX disaster? It is an interesting viewpoint. However, my bigger argument is that acquiescing to the tyranny of the quarterly results and rampant greed is the ruin of many erstwhile great companies.

The I in We: This is the story of WeWork, its founder Adam Neumann, and what is right and wrong with the tech unicorn phenomenon. I absolutely loved this story.

What is happening to streaming’s superstars?: Over the past three years, algorithms have started to take away market share from the world’s biggest artists in favor of a new group. Good analysis for those who are interested in the impact of Spotify and Apple Music on the music industry.

The Grindr Grifter: Well, such con jobs are getting all too common.

A dead Humpback whale, a team of scientists and a race for answers. A wonderful story about science and other species that occupy the planet with us.

There is no happy ending for our planet: Tragic, isn’t it?

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