Some stories worth reading..

Swimming to America, a Love Story.” My friend Elise Hu shares the story of her dad’s swim across treacherous waters that eventually brought him to America to live out an immigrant’s dream. In this age of anti-immigrant sentiment across the planet, this is a reminder of what it takes to opt into a new way of life.

How can a man embezzle $30 million dollars and then hire a hitman to kill his wife of three decades? This great story about Nancy and Frank Howard is an oldie, but a goldie.

A $100 billion sleep economy is emerging. Here is what you need to know about it.

The Internet, or rather our addiction to the Internet is at the root of many new social dysfunctions and societal issues. What if you took the Internet out of the equation, even for a little while? The answer is surprising and delightful, as one writer found out.

Here are some good tips for all of us on how to not be envious of others in this age of constant and unending FOMO.

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