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  1. Sounds great. My old instagram photos bring me back to a different time. Just places and trying to be artistic. Haven’t shared there in years though. Really invite would be great 😉

    1. I hope this one becomes a good spot to discuss photos and what we did to capture them. I am so excited to have a bit of a sharing experience again.

      1. While true that this is likely a resource limitation and not an ivory tower mentality, I think any app that spends too long exclusive to one platform can forget any dreams of being a proper community.

        I’ve wanted apps that are subscription based and focus on community building forever, and that’s a model that would be particularly great for photography, but if I need to be chained to a particular ecosystem to access said app, its a no go. I hope an Android and web version are high priorities, not something that comes after a community is fully formed with just iOS users. Such a user base is often unwelcoming and uncomfortable when an Android app eventually finds release years later.

      2. I would definitely appreciate an invite code. I have an iPad, so I’ll technically be able to use the app, just not all the time. Which might actually make it more useful, for now.

        1. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t work on the iPad, so I guess for now, I’m a photographer shut out of this community.

  2. This looks very similar to VSCO app, which has a free option as well as paid. I wonder if people are going to pay $50 a year…

    1. It is nothing like VSCO. No editing. No pushing into faux social things and most importantly less worried about what happens to my photos/data. If you aren’t into this, perhaps it’s not worth paying. I think the value would be in community and they definitely need to focus on that.

  3. Signed up!

    Instagram had my earnest support early on. It was literally my favorite and most loved app. It was also my most dedicated foray into Social Media ever. I loved the community.

    I would have paid them $50 / per year, I loved it that much.

    And then it was sold to FB for a billion and the writing was on the wall about what was going to happen to it.

    Glass. Okay. Let’s see what you got.

    If it’s integrity and a great community experience, I am in.

    1. Exactly. I feel the same way. $30 is worth trying out to see if the experiment works.

      1. Thanks Om! I signed up but the wait list is so long. I’m happy to spend $30 to give it a shot!

        Please let me know the best way to get in touch for the invite code.

          1. Can you please gift me an invite code if you have any left.

            Thanks loads.

  4. Accessing this article through RSS, talking about a two-person team building an app, with a strong Instagram 2010 feeling, then me leaving a comment on a blog… did I actually travel back in time? Thanks for this, because it feels good, great interview, and the app looks terrific.

      1. Hi Om,

        If it’s not too late to obtain an invite, I’d love to get one as well. I’ve already signed up with a long waiting list. I’m an older Flickr member and looking for something approaching that old sense of community with exif data that Flickr is known for.

  5. Love the concept and the overview here. If you have invites still available I’m quite interested.

  6. Om,
    You say that Flickr is dead but I still find it to be a vibrant community. The folks at Smugmug are doing their best to keep it going. That being said, I’m giving Glass a shot and rooting for its success.

  7. I signed up, and it looks like a good start–I love the vision/direction. I know they’re a small team, but I hope a web version is up next: I want to enjoy good photography on a bigger screen than a phone most of the time. As Tom said, “We’ve lost a lot of the good internet over the last two decades.” To me, “good internet” means it also lives on the web.

    1. Scott,

      I second the thought of good photography on a bigger screen. I too would love to see the web version of the service.

  8. Fantastic interview Om. It’s a pleasure to read a tech blog free to converse and explore (like the old days), and founders with principles building creative tools (like the old days).

    I’d love to join the community (I stopped using 500px after the private equity move and founders pushed out).

    Looking forward to the open release (or any invite codes?).

  9. I wonder what this offers that Flickr does not. Flickr is on all platforms, has large images and EXIF data if the photographer wishes to share it.

    1. Flickr is a great service for the web, and its mobile experience and communal experience leave a lot to be desired.

  10. I have been waiting for this. Everywhere I have turned it was not to be. I have signed up for Glass. Hoping to try it out before time runs out. Thanks!

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