Gone in 60 minutes

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  1. Great piece. Well written capturing the essence of the entire game. Thriller!

  2. What a day, what a match! To do it at Lords was special. Having played this sport for 16 years, this match made my day.

    Beautifully written!

    1. It will be interesting to see how rest of the series goes. But for now pretty good. Thanks so much for the kind words!

  3. We have to get on with life and be a sport, in the end they are so intertwined. May the gods bless all forms of dogs and the watchers (will not call for the wagers)!

  4. Been following you for so many years, but recently figured out your love for cricket. And I love your way of narration.

    I do not know you are intentionally doing it for your American audiences but this is a great way to educate (and eventually promote) Cricket around the globe.

  5. Hi Om, Spotted this on Twitter and glad I clicked through. Good line… ‘I suspect in a timelapse of paint drying and Pujara’s batting, the paint might win…’
    It was fascinating to see the turmoil and gradual shift in his self-belief. One of the many reasons to cherish Test cricket, that ebb and flow. Interesting to see the relative reactions between Pujara’s obstinance and Dom Sibley, since dispatched by England back to county cricket. Much more to come in this series and everyone is guaranteed a warm and raucous welcome here in Yorkshire!

    1. John,

      Welcome to the site. I am glad that I have found someone who appreciates the art of being a blocker — working hard to chip away at the confidence of his rivals. Sibley perhaps isn’t the most attractive batter, but he could do the job. Indians figured out how to neutralize him and play with his psyche. If he can regain his confidence, he could be a key English asset in Australia.

      Yorkshire is high on my list of places to visit (and photograph.)

      1. Hi Om, with my job as a cricket journalist, I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively across Yorkshire, see all forms of the game and photograph the people and places. It’s a beautiful, striking region and in terms of cricket, plenty of showstopping grounds. Enjoy the rest of the Test series.

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