3 thoughts on “Garbage”

  1. Twitter, whatever it is?
    It’s no mystery. The answer is in plain sight. Twitter is just an electronic version of an outhouse wall. Anyone can write anything on it and the “visitor” can make of it whatever he or she wants it to mean. People who twitter are “TWITTERBATORS” as what they do is the ultimate manifestation of self absorbtion.
    Musk is a petulant child who recently discovered he enjoys twitterbating more than he does running his companies. It’s that simple.

    1. Sadly, you are right. I have started to devolve a bunch. There is such cadence and tenor to it — no matter the topic or community — that makes Twitter optimized for “outrage.” I have seen it across the communities and subjects, and it is either outrage or absolute sycophancy. I have been trying to curate a list of positive accounts to allow in my information flow. It is a lot of work, and it can be done, but the chain of smart conversation is broken by retweets and quote-tweets of garbage which raises heckles of those people I follow.

  2. I think, as much as Twitter can be an anonymous cesspool of people screaming into the void, hoping to have their hot-takes of the day noticed, I have learned many valuable insights from professionals whom I’m following.

    To me it is a bit of a casual, proto-substack, where people can let their guard down and provide some valuable insights in their 15 minutes off work.

    I think the secret here is to curate your list and follow as tight as possible, and shut down all attempts from Twitter to goad you to the latest outrage.

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