The Smartphone Megapixel Race!

2 thoughts on “The Smartphone Megapixel Race!”

  1. I remember my early days into photography, when people would walk up to me since I had a gigantic Canon in my hand and they would flash their smartphone and tell me how many more mega pixels their phone had over me or how close their phone was in terms of mega pixels.
    I think after the first 1 – 2 comments, I simply smiled and said, I don’t have money to buy a phone case I used it up to buy this bulky piece of hardware.

    1. I think we have come a long way from those days. I think smartphone photography has become very legit and most of us are not really printing photos or putting them on walls. We live and die on the “screens.” I still love my Leica 😃🤷‍♂️

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