An Alaskan Sojourn

7 thoughts on “An Alaskan Sojourn”

  1. I made my first visit to Alaska during the summer of 2021. I thought it would be a “one and done” trip, meaning I figured I would visit and cross it off my list. I never contemplated that I would be totally captivated by the landscape, the quaint towns and the good natured Alaskan people. Now, I’m planning a second trip for an extended time period.

    Your photos are beautiful. What parts of Alaska did you visit?

    1. Alaska is so different in the summer and fall, and winter. For me, summer is less interesting, mostly because i am just happy being a tourist 🙂

    2. I visited Wisilla, Parker, and a few other outlying towns on this trip. It was mostly to do winter photography and lots of hiking in the snow, which I really like to do.

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