7 thoughts on “10 Billion Minutes and Amazin Skype”

  1. According to SJ, Oman is not blocking Skype sessions, but access to skype.com. They go on to state that this hinders access to download updates and to update subscriptions. This action is deplorable as it betrays the real intention; but it is an ineffective mechanism.

    After all new users can download the software from other sites. Once downloaded, supernodes can act as proxy to contact skype.com to update account information. The text IM gives very rich information exchange vehicle. Granted it is not as good as a web page, but effective.

  2. I am amazed that people can be concerned about China limiting access (“censoring”) to stuff like porn, violence, and the like — but that there isn’t more concern about limting basic voice service.

    Seems to me that the ability to speak to other people is a more fundamental right and need then say the ability to download gifs and jpgs of various sorts.

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