10 Candidates for Extreme Makeover, Ticker-Edition

27 thoughts on “10 Candidates for Extreme Makeover, Ticker-Edition”

  1. Alas you are too late in doing this .. 10 years ago I conjured the following for Chrysler purchase by Mercedes.

    DUMB – Dodge Und Mercedes Benz
    MAD – Mercedes And Dodge
    BAD BUM, CUM, PUB .. etc.
    This merger did produce nothing positive.

    Your list is pretty much on money … except Windows Live is Brain Dead, so I would change the symbol to DEAD as the stock has been for the past 5+ years.

  2. How about BALLS (Ballmer, S) for Microsoft and LIVE for Google – since LIVE can scrabbled for Google’s favorite word ‘EVIL’ from their co. slogan and would potentially make BALLS implode 🙂

    Great post Om – much needed humor in technology and business!

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  4. Wouldn’t it be cool if the exchanges allowed companies to have ‘throwback’ days, and companies could, for instance, honor a Web 1.0 competitor who bit the dust.

    So AMZN could wear the jersey for WEBV (Webvan) for a day, since Bezos is now delivering food. PETM (PetSmart) could be SOCK for a day, to honor the greatest business mascot of all time, the Pets.com sock puppet. And Apple (AAPL) could be IWOZ for a day, a tip of the hat to co-founder Steve Wozniak.

  5. I think what makes JAVA so special is that it will have such a nice shelf life.

    That is a fantastic list!

    Mrinal’s BALLS for Microsoft would be awesome!

    NEVL for Google for obvious non-evil reason.

    News Corp would change their ticker from NWS — boring — to FOX or something else if they could bundle their “news” with the ticker.

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