27 thoughts on “10 Candidates for Extreme Makeover, Ticker-Edition”

  1. LOL, that is too funny… what would be the symbol for Facebook if they go IPO ..INF ? – In Your Face 😉

  2. Alas you are too late in doing this .. 10 years ago I conjured the following for Chrysler purchase by Mercedes.

    DUMB – Dodge Und Mercedes Benz
    MAD – Mercedes And Dodge
    BAD BUM, CUM, PUB .. etc.
    This merger did produce nothing positive.

    Your list is pretty much on money … except Windows Live is Brain Dead, so I would change the symbol to DEAD as the stock has been for the past 5+ years.

  3. How about BALLS (Ballmer, S) for Microsoft and LIVE for Google – since LIVE can scrabbled for Google’s favorite word ‘EVIL’ from their co. slogan and would potentially make BALLS implode 🙂

    Great post Om – much needed humor in technology and business!

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  5. Wouldn’t it be cool if the exchanges allowed companies to have ‘throwback’ days, and companies could, for instance, honor a Web 1.0 competitor who bit the dust.

    So AMZN could wear the jersey for WEBV (Webvan) for a day, since Bezos is now delivering food. PETM (PetSmart) could be SOCK for a day, to honor the greatest business mascot of all time, the Pets.com sock puppet. And Apple (AAPL) could be IWOZ for a day, a tip of the hat to co-founder Steve Wozniak.

  6. I think what makes JAVA so special is that it will have such a nice shelf life.

    That is a fantastic list!

    Mrinal’s BALLS for Microsoft would be awesome!

    NEVL for Google for obvious non-evil reason.

    News Corp would change their ticker from NWS — boring — to FOX or something else if they could bundle their “news” with the ticker.

  7. Well, Disney should do something given the contemporary meaning of DIS. Rather then going for the easy plays on Mickey how about PIXR? They could use a little Jobs juice for their stock

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