27 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Storage”

  1. I’m part of the statistic I guess, bought a new 320 gb hd a few months back for about $80, works well enough but I guess that’s nothing compared to the moore’s law of what is possible now.

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  3. By 2012 though, hard drive manufacturers may have hard drives in quantities in excess of 5tb and laptop hard drives around 1tb, going to be interesting to see people fill those up. Plus if mp3 players start having 500gb hard drives, its going to be pretty obvious that you’re going to have to download many of those mp3s for “free” unless you like spending all your cash on mp3s.


  4. Young whippersnappers have no idea how good they have it in this age. 🙂 Fast, big and cheap rules the day!

    I fondly remember backing up a Data General mini back in the 80s that used 50MB removable hard drive platter gizmos. The main and backup drives were the size of a washer and dryer, while the multiplatter disks were the size of jumbo birthday cakes.

    Flashforward a few years and I was burning thousands of corporate dollars on Barracudas, thinking they were the baddest thing in town. Glad it wasn’t my money …

  5. According to IBM, 1TB (if used to store electronic documents)equates to about 50,000 trees (for documents in paper form). Food for thought

  6. Storage in electronic memory strikes me like the comment made twenty-some years ago about dive bags (which also applies to luggage), that no matter how big it is you’ll always find something to fill it up. Of course, the intimation is that the truly necessary equipment only takes up so much space, and the remainder will be filled with stuff that may never be used at all. So just how much information is it necessary to store, and how many trees worth of information is really indispensable?

  7. Many people like to use their hard drive as a sort of time capsule now. Therefore, they do not want to delete anything. They want to be able to go back and click on an mp3, photo, Word Document, video, etc. and see when it was added to the computer. They also try to remember where the file came from or who emailed it to them. Therefore, the amount of storage needed will always be increasing. Backing up your hard drive will become even more important, too. I just have 160GB, and I have run through that in record time. I am having to delete stuff now just to create new space.

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