One thought on “2005 year of the LBS?”

  1. And this Russell 🙂

    “Imagine, for instance, that you were to visit Hillert & Co in Munich in a year’s time. You’re interested in Location Based Services, but had no idea that I was presenting there back in November 2004, on this very subject.

    But your Bluetooth phone is constantly scanning the area for nuggets on this, as well as country music and Bavarian folk costume (pretty eclectic tastes you have!). Your phone then identifies that a virtual note had been left on LBS in this location and allows you to read it. You then ask your host to put us in touch to get a copy of the slides.

    Fast forward 3 years or so and you’ll probably be able to actually see a recording of my presentation, with me, Princess Leia-like (remember the “Help me Obi-Wan” hologram beamed by R2D2 – no? You’re too young to be here then!) popping virtually out of the wall to re-run the presentation slides and you can fast forward the boring bits.

    When you leave the office and head out to Landsberg, you find another note tells you that Johnny Cash was stationed there and his first band was actually called the Landsberg Barbarians. And all the time your phone is beeping like crazy as you pass people in national Bavarian dress (no, they do wear it – honestly!).

    Seriously though, I think these kinds of scenarios are very likely and will bring new dimensions and richness to our daily lives.”

    Russell (Buckley)

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