2 thoughts on “2006 Review: Broadband, Video Drive Telecom Deals”

  1. well, one small nit pick: motorola is a subscale equipment manufacturer. if you are talking about their mobile handset business, it is more a consumer electronics business than a telecom equipment (and it is a bad business – as the extra humpf it got from the razr lucky shot disappear the incompetence and all the warts associated with that sad company will come back to the surface.

    so, i would not count mot in that list of oems. maybe it could make sense to add huawei, which has sales similar or larger to mot’s networks division and much more runway to grow.


  2. Motorola is a big equipment provider to the cable industry and has started selling equipment to telecoms with fttx plans. i think as their mobile handset business comes under pressure (mostly because growth market needs cheap low cost phones) they will look at their broadband business to fill in the gap. they might have been a subscale provider in the past, but i think they are going to become an increasingly important vendor.

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