7 thoughts on “25 MBPS DSL By Fall… It Can Happen”

  1. I share your excitement Om, but by fall, most people are still going to be on 1.5-3Mbps DSL lines.

    ADSL2+ home hardware means nothing if the networks and central offices aren’t upgraded as well….

    And I think SBC is thinking VDSL….

  2. Karl, given how often we have been disappointed, I agree with you. The progress made by lightspeed and other initiatives at bellsouth tell me that we might be pleasantly surprised. i hope…. 🙂 fingers crossed!

  3. The main issue with ADSL2+ is that you are limmited to a short distance for the higher speeds. This is a great technology for ramping up speeds in a apartment building that is connected to your fiber backbone without rewiring the apartments, but it does nothing for the guy who lives more than a mile from the CO.

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