13 thoughts on “3 Tips to Get Twitter on Your Cellphone for Free”

  1. My blog software couldn’t find the trackback URL, so I’ll leave a short comment:

    I don’t think RSS feeds are a good alternative to Twitter Mobile. IMHO, if you don’t want to use the mobile site, you should either use the IM channel or get some specialised Twitter software for your mobile phone. More on that on my blog.

  2. I actually like the Twitter mobile interface better than the main interface. I am going to use that instead of the text interface most of the time now. Leaving text for when I am on the move (and like getting notifications)

  3. you can also use a dedicated moible client as another option, there are a few… tinytwitter is one and is a java application that will work on the majority of handsets. we also have a windows mobile version that will be released soon.

    the client will hopefully give you an improved user experience… you can receive updates automatically on a configurable interval, scan tweets offline, quickly send/receive direct tweets, and my favorite… hide friends – i can quickly tune out my husband 🙂

    check it out and let us know what you think.

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