9 thoughts on “4 Bellwether Earnings Reports Will Predict Tech's Future”

  1. Well Apple drove it out of the park! Perhaps too many doom and gloom predictions? Or Apple brand strength?

    My opinion, certain sectors:

    broadband services

    will do ok or even well. Other sectors are doomed.

    My $.02,


  2. my feeling is too much gloom and doom in the media.

    another one that did well is ibm. smaller ones too – riverbed. need to look out for hp etc… even ericsson was relatively ok…. this was an interesting one… ceo says there is a downturn, we have not seen it yet…. but just in case, let me layoff people…..

  3. “Personally, I’m looking forward to them pooh-poohing this whole notion of netbooks.”

    Are you saying that you don’t believe that netbooks are really that large of a market? Or that you think it will be funny to see Apple say that netbooks aren’t that big of a market?

  4. Netbooks are not a sustainable strategy despite all the love being showered on them by pundits. Selling millions of products on which you make no profits is not a business model for success.

    This is what’s going to happen. PC makers, following the herd mentality, will embrace the netbook even more in 2009. What they’ll see is consumers buying a product that comes 1/3 the price and generates 1/10 the profit, displacing 1/2 the sales of their higher end “real” notebooks. Meanwhile, pundits will write glowing posts about the spectacular “growth” in netbooks sales while ignore the huge negative profit hole these companies are digging themselves into.

    Then by the end of 2009, companies will realize that fought a viscious battle to drive themselves out of business that ultimately generated nothing but losses due to high return rates, zero profit margins, and no after-market sales for high profit margin products like software (netbooks can’t run anything but a web browser), support (no one wants to pay for support on a $400 expendable piece of junk), or upgrades (no one wants to spend money installing more RAM or buying more gear for a product when they can spend the same amount of money getting a new netbook that the manufacturer stupid happily sells to them for zero profit),

    That’s what pooh-poohing netbooks means.

  5. Lava: Some good points. I think they’re popular now because people simply don’t have $800-$1000 to plunk down to buy a more powerful notebook. Once the economy recovers a bit, the popularity of these will shrink a bit.

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