3 thoughts on “40daysofdating: An awesome new kind of long-form story telling”

  1. I like many of the things you point out, but truly, this was a huge snooze. While there may be some novelty in a couple graphically sharing their dating life, there was nothing compelling about this site whatsoever.

    1. CJW

      If you followed this from day one, then you realize the awesomeness of it. I guess we both have different tastes and find amazement in new things.

      As far as I am concerned, this is a new way to tell a story — I see this and could easily see a travel writer, or a sports writer using different elements to build up an engaging experience that has our attention.

      I see possibilities!

  2. Interesting concept. However, is there something I am missing? The last post on the website is on April 15.

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