2 thoughts on “7 stories to read this week”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your reading list each week. With that said, I think the article about Android audio apps is rather weak. Having a (clear and often stated) preference for Apple products and maintaining have a modicum of objectivity about Android doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. I’m neither an Android fanboy or apologist. I’m merely a fan of tech who has grown weary of “articles,” like the one you shared, that are short on substance, depth, or feign journalistic integrity.

  2. With respect to Android, I recognized early (early 2009) that our framework would have to wait to be useful on Android. The APis didn’t exist. Shockingly, they still don’t! The idea was to create a publishing g system for music experiences. Apple wouldn’t allow us, and Android couldn’t allow us…

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