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  1. My problem with Thiel is that he equates progress with energy, motion, and advancement in wealth. These are fantastic things, balanced with say advancements in health, happiness, and knowledge creation.

    The latter of these require not more work, but less. As you know personally, if you ain’t there, there isn’t a point! So, we now have mobile devices that can enter a dialog. We have more information than necessary. And, now we have to slow down, and filter all of this effectively.

    In particular, I am annoyed at Thiel’s right wing understanding of energy policy. We provided oil, coal, and nuclear energy with significant advantages, and he is shocked with the lack of progress? Rails are the past, only in a world where the glory of flying on short trips is a thrill, and saving money is balanced between the stress of cabs, two airports, and personal violations.

    The sooner we get over his dismal view of the future, the better.

    1. Ok, I read Timberg too! Sigh.

      Frankly, the opportunities are huge. We are heading into an era where value is going to be gained by those who create it, be that a corporation or an individual. The question is going to become, who owns the value that a society creates. Yes, society. Do I believe that anybody can create their empire without the support of a solid infrastructure? Nope. Who is going to own the stuff that is created by machines and not people? Particularly, as it accelerates…

      If the creative class wants to make money, than maybe they should stop buying products for daily living from halfway around the world. Every society has specialties for trade. great. But, the maker culture is a lot less finished, a lot more hand made, and a lot more valuable when everybody knows each other.

      Perhaps the theme is, less energy, less stuff, better stuff, more personal stuff, and engagement.

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