3 thoughts on “802.11 shakeout is starting”

  1. Om,

    The shakeout will effect the end user product guys more than the licensees and the chipset types. Actually, those two will gain more. You will see more built in 802.11 in devices including mobile phones.

    WiFi phones will come along, but companies like Uniden, VTech and Olympia who already have the phone market down pat will be the ones who do a better job of selling millions of units or integrating WiFi with VoIP into their product portfolio.

    Actually, VoWiFi will help them and hurth them. All the VoIP carriers offer voice mail, so who needs an answering machine. VoIP over WiFi will cut into that business too….Maybe?

  2. but isn’t that exactly what the post says – worries for equipment guys! hotspot business is already consolidating, and changing

  3. The poll, which I don’t consider that scientific is not the issue. Their post, which relates back to an October post doesn’t really say where the business is going. Just that its going away.

    I say it’s evolving and migrating closer to consumers and farther away from geeks.

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