6 thoughts on “849 million reasons why Bebo was a mistake for AOL”

  1. If I had a $1 million, I would want to but AOL just so I could put it out of it’s misery. How long are people going to continue using that outdated e-mail service.

    1. Oh, really? I think they’re doing quite well, actually…

      I mean, after all, the president of Google’s US office stepped down from his position to take up the struggling company in 2009. He then broke the company away from Time Warner, took the company in a new direction with media focus and some pretty HUGE acquisitions, got the company back on the stock exchange with his FIRST IPO attempt, and not a few months ago announced that his company had finally posted its first profit in 8 years. I’d say they’re doing pretty well, don’t you? Their investors seem to think so. Just look at their stock.

      Oh, and FYI? It’s called Alto. Maybe look up this stuff next time.

  2. its nice that bebo withstood the process, it will be interesting to see how its changed now that the company has had x.perience with trying to stand alone and trying to integrate with others. like children, some ideas that happen to become companies are special.

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