2 thoughts on “A $100 People’s PC”

  1. I am living partly in a Kazachstan, and because it borders to China many electronic devices are much cheaper than in the West. I am not talking about some percentage, but often a factor 3 or 4. So IMHO it should be possible to produce a PC in such countries for $100, provided the quantaties are high and the production is for the local market. Production for other countries will add high transportation and custom control costs.

    FYI: Average wages for computer assemblers in Kazachstan are $60,= a month I bought a house two years ago there for $1000.

  2. More than economic feasibility, the issue is whether trying to replace textbooks with PC’s is practical in a country like India. The challenge is to get students into schools first and then getting textbooks in their hands. A computer in every hand is a long way off.

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