3 thoughts on “A GigaOM conversation with GE CEO Jeff Immelt”

  1. “he was quick to add that if the network itself becomes a bottleneck, then GE wouldn’t shy away from “playing a role.” ”
    They should do that when they figure out how to do it without 3G/4G , we need cheap data and 1 subscription for all devices.The network is already a bottleneck in consumer.
    Wonder how much of a competition Google will be in this “industrial internet”, they are mapping the online world,they are mapping the real world,they are getting to know the people (Google Now ) and Android is everywhere and going beyond phones – soon their driverless cars might be everywhere mapping the world in real time, other robots using the same navigation tech will map even more of the inside and outside world.They might end up having more data than anyone.

  2. Thanks for the interview Om. GE is playing a key role as we head into the Age of Context. What they are doing with sensors, cloud, and big data are very interesting and will have deep implications for all businesses.

    At Rackspace we believe the next age is going to be a lot more open. The people who build using open source, 3D printing, open clouds like OpenStack, will be able to innovate faster.

    You should visit Autodesk and have a talk with them, too. They blew my mind: https://plus.google.com/111091089527727420853/posts/V59gBQUgGN4 Autodesk talks about the magic of cloud computing. They call it “infinite computing.”

    Check out how JBL/Harman are innovating on speaker design: https://plus.google.com/111091089527727420853/posts/jCzFQXzaxCf — using open source, Arduino, 3D printing.

    These two videos, along with your interview, shows the future and it’s a bright one indeed.

  3. Hey GE,

    You should totally make multi-led light bulbs that change colors via remote. If you can’t fit that hardware into a bulb, put it in a lamp. It would make my bedroom like a Disneyland ride or something.



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