8 thoughts on “A Heart-to-Heart”

  1. Om,
    Let me just say that I hope everything is OK.
    I must say I am not surprised after you said on GigaOm show, that you sleep about 5 hours per night. Sounded like you where working to hard.

    I hope you recover quickly and find a good new balance. I really enjoy your blogs and show. Especially as I agree with you most of the time 😉

    Have a long rest. Take you time.
    We look forward to your return,

  2. Get well and take care of yourself! We need people like you around! – people who aren’t afraid to cut through the corporate speak. (…like when you asked that AT&T guy at the NewTeeVee live conference which online shows he watches and he couldn’t name one. Not one. That was funny 😉

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