10 thoughts on “A MacBerry?”

  1. Won’t happen. Both companies make too much on their own hardware to share it with another. Even if that means slightly more penetration.

  2. It might not happen, but you have to admit, this would be the 2nd coming of sliced bread. Cool for sure. Not happening, just as sure! 🙁

  3. I can’t see it either. Hypothetically it sounds great, but the reality is that Apple and RIM are both run by guys who like to be in control — all the way from the vision down to the type of screws used in their respective devices — and that’s not a great recipe for a partnership.

  4. i know it would be pretty cool to get my hands on this device. but obviously it is not happening. i think iberry be a cool name. seriously!

  5. The comic “Foxtrot” would sue if they called it the iFruit. That or they’d fete it all over the strip.

    I’m a bleeding-fruit Mac user and I would actually consider switching to a smart phone if this device came into existence. But I agree that it’s more likely to be a deal to put iTunes and other iLife apps onto Crackberries.

    I think Apple is still hurting from when the Newton fell on their heads.

  6. Thus far Apple has been scared to make their own phone. RIM has not. Seems more likely that if this were to happen, it would be RIM making the phone and Apple supplying a smidge of software and a ton of marketing.

  7. This got me thinking. Could apple do a Mobile Mac OS to compete with Windows Mobile? After 2 months living with WM 5.0 I am quite sick of it.

  8. Analysts are just fanboys with access to media. All these guys do is throw out made-up scenarios hoping that one will come true.

    That said…
    I would love this.
    Blackberry needs a partner like Apple to ensure that they stay relevant in the future as WinMo is gaining more marketshare. If WinMo can perfect it’s berry-killer mail technology, then it could mean a rapidly evaporating marketshare for them as some of the hottest smartphones are all WinMo phones.

    An Appleberry partnership could help with penetration into the consumer market.

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