4 thoughts on “A mega-broadband life”

  1. I was checking Speakeasy’s pricing last night and was surprised to see that they’re offering 6Mbps / 768kbps service at my location. It’s not cheap, but it’s not horrible either.

  2. yup i saw that too. it seems quite enticing – 6 megabits per second, but in the end i decided the price was too much for the speed. add another 10 megabits and yeah, i will pay more

  3. Om,

    Speakeasy is overpriced. Their 1.5 mbps connection is only half as fast as Comcast in the Bay Area and they’re close in price. You might want to consider switching, especially if Comcast has a bundled package.

    In regards to the article, this is definitely a trend catching on in Europe and hopefully U.S. companies will upgrade their service in the next few years. I know that in Sweden you can get a 10 Mbps connection for the same price as a cable/DSL line here in the states.

  4. Mike – good points you bring up. well i am now stuck with the deal because of the stupid annual contract i signed with them. it hurts to be locked into that deal.

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