15 thoughts on “(Less Than) A Month In The Life of Tech”

  1. “Facebook slowly but surely is leaving Google behind.”

    This is a recurring theme I hear, but always without anything to back it up, kind of like Obama is a socialist dictator. Facebook allegedly has a similar number of users as Google, but about 5-6% of the revenue and none of the profit. In fact, Google’s profit (in $$, not %) has been increasing more than the revenues Facebook generates. I know, Facebook generates a lot of pageviews, especially with like buttons on almost every web page (or, at least on the pages of people who want everyone to like them), but those page views don’t seem to be attracting a lot of advertising revenue. What, people don’t want to advertise on pages with no relevance to anyone with discretionary income?

    OK, I have been defending Google a lot against this massive Facebook PR campaign, but I am not employed by them and don’t own any of their stock. I guess all this AOL/MySpace-ian hype is just bugging me. But if I’m wrong, maybe somebody can show me where all that profit to justify a $50B+ valuation will come from.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. This non stop hype around Facebook is nauseating. Kinda makes you question the motivation sometimes…

  2. Hey welcome back, hope everything is ok.
    Now back to:
    Is Google to fix their search problem. Is it just me or is there no definition of what web spam is. Nor Information …
    In other words “Combined with our own scientific evaluations” they are always right and it’s us, since we have no clue what web spam is. Same goes for content farm content.

  3. Om, dont know why some of the campaigns on 4g vs 3g should be of importance for FCC. What end users should see is what is the bandwidth they get, what technology is used is immaterial from the end user’s pov. There are so many deceptions happen in the name of technology, I feel that this one is the smallest one. All they need to clamp on is if a carrier says they are the fastest and there is nothing to back it up in terms of numbers that is what they should go after.

  4. While its definitely not a highlight, I think you also missed the entertaining Quora-hype over at TechCrunch. Apparently TechCrunch has been hyping Quora, portraying it as the ‘next big thing’, while critics have recently pointed out that this is really not the case (given the tough challenges it currently faces).

    I’m have no idea how interested you are, but I think the tech world deserves some Malik analysis of Quora (although everyone is sick of reading about Quora).

    Welcome back!

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