4 thoughts on “A mysterious CEO change at Stoke”

  1. Randall is a legendary networking guy – lot of history here. that is why its curious, because he is well known in the telecom circles. Which is why anyone paid attention to this company, and also I am guessing was one of the main reasons the company got funded. Maybe he is cooking up something new?

  2. Waitaminute! Granted Randall ran Redback’s sales during its boom years. His prior act at Cisco was nothing more than average–there are many like him at Cisco and elsewhere–and his track record since Redback (Procket, Stoke) clearly says something too. That history isn’t any remarkable other than one success (for which the 1997-2000 economy takes a big bite for credit) and a couple blowups involving $350M and still counting. How does this qualify him to be a legend? I hope we don’t devalue legends by granting that status too freely.

    Has he come up with a vision? built something and created value from nothing? shown the ability to perservere through tough times and taken the ship to port? done it all on a dime, showing frugality and a sense of entrepreneurship readily seen in innumerable immigrants and successful entrepreneurs? …

  3. Once a fortune teller looked at Randall’s palm and said whatever gamble Randall do, he will succeed. This is the week before he decided to leave Redback and work for Procket.

    I have been tracking Randall since then, also to verify how accurate the fortuner teller is.

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