2 thoughts on “A New Era of Micro-Bubbles”

  1. I’m glad somebody talked about telecom bubble. They are created by deep pocked venture Capitalists how are impressed with crazy ideas that are not necessarily needed like wi-fi enabled cellphones. Now why would somebody need wi-fi enabled cellphones when you can have a cellphone that you can use anywhere in the world instead of in some hot spot. Voip is just such an idea. You think you have your laptop and you can use some protocol to make some phone calls. Obviously not so. You need some VOiP phone that costs some $400. And venture captalists have pourde billions of dollars. If you ask me this internet service, as we know it to be, has to be abandoned. Instead a new type of nternet service, that is server adopted, has to be developed.. This will make it truly fast, drive pirates and hackers out of business

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