17 thoughts on “A Super iPod Christmas?”

  1. I tried to authorize an iTunes song to play on my brother’s computer and received an error twice. I immediately assumed the store was being ravished by new iPod purchases as well as iTunes gift cards being used.

  2. Yes, ’tis true. Most of my mates int he UYK had issues as well as the folks I gave ipods to for Xmas. All complained about the “try again, there was an error” message they got most of the day.


  3. Wasn’t working in Ohio. Got a new Ipod Video and wasn’t able to buy anything via iTunes although I could download the preiviews without any problem.

  4. I cannot attest to the store outages because I did not try to buy/preview anything. I did get weird errors all day when trying to enjoy my new shuffle though. On that note, I can say that I add to the boatload of people who received an apple product for christmas.

  5. Jive is the new jibe. The old jive meant what Guy Kawasaki calls bull shitake and sex. J. E. Lighte traces the old jive back to the twenties with a page and a half of citations of mainly negative and nasty meanings. But recently–that is beginning in the thirties, some citations creep in that use jive the way Om uses it. (Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume II). And by the forties, some people use it to mean jibe. I hear jive for jibe all the time. That horse is out of the barn. Don’t waste your locks.

    As for the hot selling Shuffle, Leslie Stiles says that $79 is the new $49.

  6. More frustrating for me was the lack of access to Wii’s Virtual Console all day during the unveiling of some of their biggest games yet. I was aching for a chance to play my brother in Street Fighter 2 and we sat staring at the ‘connecting’ screen for hours upon hours.

  7. Yup, I’ve been having problems downloading from iTunes here in Minnesota too. I went to download an episode of The Office and iTunes couldn’t connect to the server when I tried signing in.

  8. I’ve had similar problems all weekend. Worst was trying to download iTunes for a family member – the download speed was moving at a crawl and took hours. Also had some errors on the store that were probably associated with heavy traffic on their servers.

    Oh well, I’m sure all things will be back to normal shortly enough, but it is a shame some folks first experience was dealing with these issues.

  9. True. We bought our kids Nanos for Christmas + $20 in iTunes, and spent most of the day trying to make purchases, probably 4 out of 5 attempts failing with “Please try again later” messages.

    Though it annoyed me, you might be interested to hear that, true to the brand magic which is the iPod, the rest of my family was actually encouraged by the “busy signals”, which validated for them that they’re part of a vast, cool community of proud new iPod owners.

  10. Wow this realty distortion field thing really works. iTunes breaks down due to heavy demand (not good for any online service) and people are not only okay with it, But end up complimenting apple for ipod sales.

    The fact remains Apple should have done a better job of predicting demand and Xmas scaling. Predicting demand is not hard. It is correlated to the number of gift cards and ipods sold.

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