3 thoughts on “A Zero-Cash Case Study”

  1. Adam, i can not yet begin to thank you for this post. i am a few months away from wrapping up my college degree in business and not once have i ever been told what i needed to do to start a company (i know a ton of theory but nothing really practical)…about 2 months ago a few friends and i began developing a website/start-up and we were completely lost as what to do. although with these months we have learned a boatload, i am still schorr that this post will help many people that are in the same position as i was a few days ago. GREAT tips!}

  2. Thanks, Nathan. The most important thing is to remember to give the same help you received to someone else.}

  3. Wow!

    It’s true – hire people!

    It’s a sanity saver and allows you to focus on what matters most: sales and execution.

    I recently hired my QA manager from an earlier company, an exceptionally diligent person, to work as my production manager. It has literally changed my life.

    And when I proposed a rate and she upped it I said “fine”. Because I knew that the true value of every hour of her work was in regaining an hour of my own.}

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