7 thoughts on “AdMob Data Reveals Android's Growth, Device Market Share”

  1. The good thing for Android is that it is only going to get better and the bad for Nokia is that it can only get worse.
    The only player on whom the pressure to innovate is probably Apple. People expect the heaven from them.

  2. The last blow I needed to finally get rid of my last Nokia device was their sluggish apps and their technocratic positioning of Ovi (it will fail I am sure).
    The first impression of Android was not so good, but since they are the open version of iPhone, it is logical they are starting off being less good at the end-to-end integration. but eventually they will turn iPhone into a slick looking iMode product (better than all its predecessors, but just too much focused on creating end-to-end control for Apple).

    1. That Motorola Droid report is surprising, it shows that it already accounts for over half of Android’s US marketshare.

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