26 thoughts on “Adobe and its P2P Ambitions”

  1. Adobe has the most powerful internet distribution power (via its existing installation base) next only to Microsoft.

    They can install anything they wish in a person’s pc by bundling with a flash/acrobat upgrade or something!…

  2. It will be fascinating to watch this space in general, and Adobe specifically. I think Adobe has a tough path against more nimble, specialized competitors, but the ubiquity of Flash is certainly an awesome asset to try to leverage. Posted more thoughts this morning on my blog as well.

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  5. Good article… haven’t spotted that news anywhere else. Kontiki is a pretty nice app from the implementations of it that I’ve studied.

    Flash plus Kontiki would be an interesting mix but do people really want an app sitting in their system tray communicating with the outside world just to watch a YouTube video?

  6. Interesting.. how do they plan to monetize the p2p cloud?
    Could it be that this fits well with their desktop strategy (apollo), and potentially will allow them to have their own (non-sorensen) codecs? I see this going more into the desktop to server route rather than the p2p route..

  7. Your last paragraph nailed it on the head. In order for long-term viability for p2p, appeasing ISPs/providers is absolutely necessary. The economical model has to evolve to one where there is some revenue share between those that use the pipes via p2p and those pipe owners. Short of that will guarrantee rate limiting of p2p by the pipe owners. And those short-term solutions like encryption of packets are just that, very short-termed bandaids that will fall off.

  8. Interesting article, but this left me scratching my head:

    “There are fears that a coming balkanization of BitTorrent resulting from increased commercial efforts will thwart it from becoming a widely adopted distribution platform”

    BitTorrent is not a widely adopted distribution platform already?

  9. Zack,

    It is actually in the interest of the telco’s to get on the p2p bandwagon because each bit of data they send and receive has a cost to it and that cost gets greater the more it has to switch between networks and the farther distance it has to travel. i posted on it on my blog which you can view by clicking my name above. Long story short, it may turn out that peering evolves to an edge technology as oppoosed to where is is today at the core.

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  11. Everybody’s focus is on what is Adobe going to do with the p2p technology that it got hold of by acquiring Amicima.

    Amicima’s Libraries were? Open Source! (now not sure!)

    I went to the http://www.amicima.com sometime back and wanted to download and play with it! and BAM! I can’t download, the link existed but said 404!!!

    Now, it re-directs to the Adobe.com (http://www.adobe.com/special/amicima/)

    So My question is will the library continue to be Open Source???? Can a Open Source become Close Source? Or Adobe is going to release the source?

    Any thoughts on this?

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