10 thoughts on “Phone! SMS! No, I want WiFi on all my flights”

  1. wishing for that moment also! being offline in a flight for more than 10 hours is classic! ^_^ international airlines should invest more on upgrading in-flight online connectivity. #justarant

  2. Well, the decision to add in-flight mobile phone calls will definitely keep me from flying Virgin Atlantic, at least on overnight flights – which pretty much means never.

  3. I would love to have WiFi, and I would hate to have cell phone connectivity. Why? Imaging sitting next to someone who yells into their photo for 14 hours, all the way from Los Angeles to Sydney, or London, or wherever. Pecking on their keyboard… fine.

  4. I say Amen to that. With Google Voice becoming my default number; access to the internet on a twelve hour trans-Atlantic flight will allow me wrap up some unfinished business/task that are always left behind.

  5. One thing that always baffled me is why FAA doesn’t’ permit the use of phones on flight at the first place (& that announcement to switch off anything with on-off switch) ?

    In most of my domestic flight, when u take out, take off, landing and the 10K foot level rule, it hardly leaves me anytime to do anything.

    All of airplanes frequencies are centered around 80-130MHz range. There can’t be possibly any interference with WiFi, 3g or 4g signal, as they often quote as reasoning.

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